Who We Serve

Better Together is a not for profit organization that serves the Western Treasure Valley. This includes cities and towns on the border of Idaho and Oregon. The majority of projects happen in Malheur County, Oregon and Payette County, Idaho. Better Together exists to connect resources and volunteers with the needs in our community in order to improve the area in which we live. We place a high priority on projects that will increase the safety and health of individuals.

In order to continue to provide these vital services to our community, as well as expand our level of community support, we need strong financial partnerships. Please consider supporting Better Together by clicking on the 'Donate" button.

Because when a community gets stronger, everybody wins!

   » Property Values Increase
   » Neighborhoods look nicer, cleaner, brighter
   » People want to live in a community that cares
   » Healthy community boosts the local economy
   » Neighborhood pride is contagious